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"You can tell a gelding, ask a mare, but you must discuss it with a stallion"
Author unknown.

WEO Alphie Mott

Bare Essence x Canyonview Blackhawk
     (088735)          (80965)
Beautiful and classic Western Working lines.
With top and bottom Waer lines. Refer to
Lineage page to three generations of her Western heritage

WFF Knighthawk Elegance

WEO Alphie Mott x JMF White Knight
(0118145)          (135038)
First Morgan produced at River Hawk Farm. Sire
and Dam are the epitome of Western Working Morgan
lines. Ellie’s sire was World Champion Reiner in 2004.

Riverhawk Elijah

WFF Knighthawk Elegance x Caduceus Denver
              (0156184)                      (90415)
First colt born at River Hawk Farm. He’s tall
and Leggy like his sire. Denver passed on to greener
pastures in 2007, so this is one of his last colts.
River Hawk Farm will be standing him in 2012

RVK Pennington

Bare Essence x Chandelle High Orion
      (088735)             (157535)
This stunning colt is the product of an oocyte transfer.
His dam was 26 when she successfully saw her second
foal (Alphie was her first). What a magnificent colt -
the classic Western Working lines crossed with the legends
of Bennfield and Lippitt Ethan Georgia lineage.
He will be standing in 2012.

The Best of the West with Eastern Heritage
Always Produces the Morgan of your Choice.