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Bare Essence

(May 21, 1983 to March 29, 2009)


We were privileged to have this magnificent mare on our farm for ten years. Essie was the herd leader and
when she said “Move on” to her daughter WEO Alphie Mott “Alphie” or her granddaughter Knighthawk
Elegance “Ellie” they did just that! She took on every horse pastured here in the past ten years – a big 15-
hand Quarter Horse “Poco” or another boarder’s horse – a 16-hand Thoroughbred, and she let ‘em have it
with both hind hooves on more than one occasion, even though Essie was barely 14 hands.

A beautiful, stunningly black mare with a bold white strip, the kindest eye except when a pasture mate
wasn’t minding her p’s and q’s - she quickly reminded them to get back in line with just the flick or her tail
or an ear forward or sometimes a few teeth showing – she was the horse to get things back in order. She
was the kindest grand dam to her Alphie’s foal, Ellie, and the two of them would often stand together for
extended rest times near a gate or beneath of field pine tree.

We tried for several years to get a foal from her but because of her age we were told after numerous
attempts to put her out to pasture a let her enjoy her remaining years. In 2006, we tried one last time, with
an oocyte transfer, and we were rewarded with a stunningly beautiful colt. The recipient mare lived on our
farm but she and Essie never pastured together nor even shared a fence line. Refer to The Morgan Horse
March/April 2009 edition for the complete story on this remarkable achievement.

On March 29, 2009, due to Essie’s deteriorating age-related symptoms, we made the difficult decision to
send her over to greener pastures. She rests near the barn and we know she is watching over the mares
and colts and will get them back in line if ever they decide to misbehave.